About me

Welcome! Born and raised in New York, I love basketball, musicals and corn dogs.

I study Computer Science and Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. After interning as a Software Engineer at Snap and Two Sigma, I took a leave of absence from school and joined a Series A VR startup called Spatial, where I owned much of the backend development for the product.

Allured by the trajectory and promise of decentralized technologies, I then joined OpenSea, a scrappy basement-run NFT marketplace, as engineer #9 and spearheaded their early engineering efforts around promoting Trust and Safety across the platform. After its unprecedentedly rapid growth, that same startup has grown into a $13B Series C company with nearly 300 employees and over $300M in revenue.

I am driven by impact, enjoy cross-disciplinary thinking, and value open-mindedness and transparency. And at the moment, I'm particularly piqued by the technical and social challenges arising in both crypto and AGI.

Shoot me a message via email or LinkedIn, if you'd like to chat!