Rex Asabor

I study Computer Science and Math at Harvey Mudd College, where I'll graduate this Spring.

I took a pandemic-inspired leave of absence from school and have since built software at three venture-backed early stage startups: Inworld AI, OpenSea, and Spatial.

I'm interested in frontier technologies — in particular, applications of the blockchain, the metaverse, and artificial intelligence.

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Past experiences

Check out my resume for more detail!

Inworld AI
ML Engineer
NLP, ml
Winter '23
Software Engineer
Backend, product, cv, ml
Summer '21 & Summer '22
Software Engineer
Backend, data, product
Fall '20 - Spring '21
Software Engineer
Backend, data, ml
Summer '20
Two Sigma
Software Engineer
full stack, nlp, ml
Summer '19

Professional Updates

News too exciting not to mention but maybe not grand enough for a LinkedIn post

December 2022

  • I've joined Inworld AI as a (part-time) Machine Learning Engineer!

    I spent 3 months exploring state-of-the-art research relating to training and deployment of large language models.

November 2022

  • Harvey Mudd sent me to the world's largest conference for machine learning!

    With sponsorship from the HMC Math Department and President Klawe, I attended NeurIPS in New Orleans.
    I met and learned from folks from across the world of ML research — scientists, investors, engineers, and more — during keynote talks, poster sessions, and other exciting events!

October 2022

  • Index Ventures invited me to their Future Founders Retreat!

    I spent a weekend in Sausalito where I met brilliant, aspiring founders and learned from seasoned startup execs and VC investors.