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Rex Asabor

Before graduating from Harvey Mudd College and after working in quant finance and big tech, I took a leave of absence from school to work at startups.

I joined Spatial and took ownership of much of the Series A VR startup's backend services, built new cloud integrations, forged new partnerships, and prototyped early GPT-3 powered features.

Then I joined OpenSea as one of its first 15 hires, led its early Trust and Safety engineering efforts and helped the scrappy basement-ran startup quickly scale to a 300-person, $13 billion company.

Today, I'm interested in leveraging artificial intelligence to build valuable, paradigm-shifting products. Hit me up on Twitter or by email!

Past experiences

Check out my live resume for more detail!

Inworld AI
Machine Learning Engineer
NLP, ml
Winter '23
Software Engineer
Backend, product, cv, ml
Summer '21 & Summer '22
Software Engineer
Backend, data, product
Fall '20 - Spring '21
Software Engineer
Backend, data, ml
Summer '20
Two Sigma
Software Engineer
full stack, nlp, ml
Summer '19